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What AV Companies Can Bring to Your Business

Employees attending a meeting in an office conference room.

Set Your Business Up for Success with Smart Technology

As technology advances and the working landscape changes, businesses need to adapt to keep up. By incorporating modern technology, offices can become more efficient and comfortable, leading to satisfied employees and customers. When people think of smart technology, they often think of residential uses. But offices can adopt smart technology to enhance daily operations. Keep reading to learn what technology and AV companies can bring to your Burbank, CA office.

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Optimize Presentations

Whether you’re pitching a client on presenting new ideas to a team, presentations can be nerve-wracking. Seamlessly integrated technology can help your presentations go smoothly. AV integrators can install crisp LED displays that beautifully present your information, facts, and figures. With discreetly placed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you’ll be able to play audio or video and be sure that every meeting participant can hear. As a result, meetings will run quicker, and you’ll feel more confident in your presentation.

Remote Conferencing

Technology has completely changed what we consider a workspace. Now, anywhere with a laptop and internet connection can be an office. Now, more employees are remote or hybrid than ever before, and meetings typically tend to contain in-person and remote participants. In addition, the ability for seamless remote conferencing allows your business to attract clients and talent from all over the world. With AV technology, you’ll be able to conference with remote clients and employees just as easily as if they were in the room with you. 

More than Just AV

AV stands for audio and video, but AV companies like Matrix Audio Video Designs can do much more! We can also help install everything from security systems to premium lighting solutions! In addition, AV companies are partnered with some of the leading companies in smart home tech that can be integrated into your office for simplified operations.

For example, AV integrators can install an access control system that allows you to easily add and delete users, change permissions, and let in guests with an intercom system. And did you know that natural light can increase productivity and overall well-being? An AV installer can help you install motorized shades and tunable lighting to improve your employee’s health and happiness.

An office is a crucial part of your business. If it’s poorly designed with outdated or unintegrated technology, your employees may feel unsatisfied, and your business may suffer. Set yourself, your employees, and your entire company up for success by incorporating smart technology that will improve efficiency and satisfaction.


If you’re ready to optimize your Burbank, CA office with AV and smart technology, then contact Matrix Audio and Video! We have helped many companies strengthen their business by upgrading their office space with premium tech. We’ll work with you to provide the solutions that your company and your employees need.

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