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Many offices incorporate technology into their space to streamline tasks. However, these offices usually stop after giving employees computers and installing a TV in the conference room. This technology is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to commercial AV solutions. By working with an AV integrator, like Matrix Audio Visual Designs, you can enhance your Burbank, CA, office with cutting-edge technologies to improve employee efficiency and overall business growth. Check out these three solutions and see how they benefit your office!

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Distributed audio and video refers to evenly placed speakers and displays that can be heard and seen from any corner of the room. Distributed AV highly benefits hybrid meetings, presentations, and general workplace ambiance.

For example, a conference room with evenly dispersed in-ceiling speakers will make it easier for meeting participants to hear remote presentations or important videos. Distributed audio will allow every attendee to hear the remote presenter. 

Distributed AV is also helpful throughout the workplace. Speakers can play quiet, ambient music to create a productive and relaxed atmosphere. Video displays can show the news, lectures with relevant information, or whatever else is essential to your business and employees.


Technology has opened up the possibility for businesses to hire employees worldwide while still working collaboratively. Remote work is a massive part of many businesses today, and offices should have the proper technology to make the most of it. 

First, you’ll need a display to make your remote meeting participants visible to your in-person employees. Then you’ll need a camera so everyone on the video call can see you and your in-house team. You’ll also require a microphone and distributed speakers so remote participants can hear you and everyone in your conference room.

Finally, you’ll need a reliable network to connect all those technologies together. Everything should work seamlessly for an easy meeting launch and a consistent connection. 


Meetings are a staple in business operations. They help identify issues, create new ideas and strategies, and make critical business decisions. However, if your meeting participants are simply sitting and watching someone else present, they will likely lose focus and be less productive than desired.

An interactive whiteboard combats this by allowing every participant to collaborate. Presenters can easily navigate the presentations with touch, and employees can draw notes and ideas directly onto the screen. Those notes can then be stored to review later. 

Are you considering setting your employees and business up for success with intuitive commercial AV solutions? Contact Matrix Audio Visual Designs today! We serve offices in the Burbank, CA, area and beyond, helping businesses reach their full potential with cutting-edge technology.

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