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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Lighting Solutions

Spa interior with adjustable beds and commercial lighting.

Elevate your business and make your space more inviting through commercial lighting

It is well known that proper lighting in commercial spaces can enhance the ambiance and transform productivity. Optimal lighting allows for better performance and customer satisfaction and creates a more comfortable aura. Today it is necessary for businesses to pay more attention to lighting design because commercial lighting has the power to attract customers and improve business revenue. In addition, lighting creates a bond between customers and brands. Learn how commercial lighting solutions can completely boost your Pasadena, CA business.



From restaurants to clothing stores, lighting plays an important role in driving sales. Enhanced lighting control also helps improve operating costs and reduce energy consumption. Just as you prefer to go to the movies and have dim lighting that helps you watch the film in the best way possible, businesses also need a unique lighting style for customers to get the most out of the experience and for employees to best accomplish their tasks. 


At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we will help you design your commercial lighting to get the most out of it. Customers are attracted to products or places because of their visual appeal. Therefore, we will help you use lighting to highlight certain products, sites or areas of your business to make it more appealing to customers.

Regardless of your space, we work with you to install important ambient, task and accent lighting in your commercial environment . Ambient lighting, usually in the form of in-ceiling canned lights, allows you to illuminate directly downward in more open spaces. Task lights, as they are commonly known, are installed over specific spaces and illuminate a medium or small area; these lights are perfect for lighting over tables, clothing racks and bars. Finally, stores and galleries can use track LED lighting; this lighting features adjustable fixtures that can be easily rearranged to illuminate specific objects. No matter your business type, we will help you make the best lighting decision.


Illuminating an entire business may seem like a complicated task. Our team of experts will make the installation seem like a piece of cake. Now that everything is installed, you may wonder if you need to turn each light fixture on and off with the typical wall switches but let us give you some good news: you don't have to! 

With a lighting control system, you can employ and manage all the lights in your commercial premises at the touch of a button. You can create specific scenes by pressing the type of scene you want on the screen of your tablet. In addition, workers can maintain control over the lighting without any problems as a lighting control system offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface to make it a simple task.


Want to know more about commercial lighting solutions for your business? Contact us; we look forward to working with you.

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