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The Many Capabilities of Commercial Audio Distribution

Employees sitting at desks in an open, airy workspace.

Discover how a commercial audio system can keep your business functional and connected

Commercial audio distribution is essential to create consistent connections and a desirable atmosphere inside your Los Angeles, CA, business. Commercial audio comes with many business-enhancing features and capabilities, transforming your workplace with just the touch of a button. 

A newly installed or recently upgraded audio distribution solution makes a significant difference, from increasing productivity to smoothing out daily business processes. If you're interested in the possibilities that accompany commercial audio, keep reading to discover more! 

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Immediate Employee Communication

Every person at your business probably has quite a bit on their plate. With varying work schedules, daily planning can become extremely disorganized quickly. 

Audio integrations allow you to make company-wide announcements, ensuring that everyone in your office space (or the entire building) will hear what you have to say through subtle but powerful speakers installed by Matrix Audio Visual Designs. Broadcasting messages to everyone is particularly helpful for meeting or event reminders. 

Employee paging and messaging are also available through Matrix AV commercial audio. You can instantly alert the necessary employees via a paging system, messages, or phone. This audio component reduces the reliance on cellular use that can come with dropped calls and delayed texts.

Presentation Preparation

Commercial audio solutions always include updated conference room technology because presenting to a crowd is often stressful enough. You don't need shoddy audio and video to add to that pressure. 

High-quality audio distribution is crucial for all types of conferences, including remote and in-person. When you utilize the AV software available through Matrix Audio Visual Designs, you can effortlessly connect your in-house team with remote staff members, cancel background noise, and ensure that all voices and audio presentations come through clearly. 

Presentation glitches and constantly asking people to repeat themselves are a thing of the past. Commercial audio makes meetings of all sizes engaging, effective, informational, and fun!

Office-Wide Music 

The ability to deliver office-wide music is an important factor in choosing an AV system for large offices. With our distributed audio, you can play music throughout your entire building while maintaining complete control over your audio sources. 

Commercial audio offers the power to manage every zone in your facility from one user-friendly interface while tailoring display style, color, and size options to ensure the right audio visual setting for each area within your business. 

Add a laid-back, productivity-boosting musical touch anywhere in-house, from the front lobby to the back corner offices. If you'd like all sound to cease during important meetings, you'll also have control over that!

Professionally Elevate Your Audio Solutions

Bring your commercial audio system to new heights with Matrix Audio Visual Designs. From sound masking to presentation assistance, our audio solutions can help your business with daily processes while keeping you and your employees connected and informed. 


Are you interested in applying a top-of-the-line audio upgrade to your commercial space? Contact the Matrix team today to get started!

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