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Keep Your Audience Entertained with the Right Auditorium Sound System

Auditorium seating featuring Klipsch speakers.

Auditoriums Come in Every Shape and Size, and So Should Their Sound Systems

With everyone returning to the office, audiences demand to be entertained. From school and government buildings to corporate offices across San Diego, CA, auditoriums represent a unique opportunity for organizations to engage with their clients, students, or workers.

At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we provide industry-leading auditorium sound systems for commercial clients in a wide range of industries. As part of our job, we stay on top of the latest industry trends and innovations, bringing you the best equipment and installation practices in the state. 

Here are three key considerations for your next auditorium audio system and a few good reasons for hiring a professional to help you design and install it.

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A Sound for Every Space

Auditoriums come in every shape and size. Whether inside a school, office, or government building, picking the right AV solution is part of why a professional technology integrator is here to help. But what exactly would we be looking for? The size of a room and any existing soft materials, such as drapes, wall finishes, and the seats’ upholstery, absorb sound. Hard surfaces, on the other hand, reflect it. Both types of materials must be taken into account when designing an auditorium’s sound system. For example, a small carpeted room with lots of drapes and velvet chairs may need more speakers and better amplifiers than a well-designed, standing-only, wood and concrete space. 

A System for Every Size

When it comes to room dimensions, small and large auditoriums each face a unique set of challenges. The audio system of a smaller space must fit in the room and include hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. On the plus side, you may save on amplifiers and other audio equipment. For large auditoriums, your woofers, subwoofers, and speakers require enclosures to guarantee optimal audio quality as well as multiple amplifiers to distribute sound across the entire room. Both large and small spaces will also benefit from a state-of-the-art control console and devices like headphones, microphones, and any other equipment needed to bring your unique vision to an eager audience. 

A Strong Network Is Key

Behind every effective auditorium is a strong network interconnecting smart devices and technology systems. Without it, even the best AV equipment may be rendered moot. At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we rely on structured cabling to optimize bandwidth and connection speeds in every project, ensuring our clients experience optimal performance on their auditorium’s AV system. 

If you are designing a new auditorium or considering an update for your existing one, contacting us is the first step towards optimizing that space. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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