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How To Choose The Right Audiovisual Consultant

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Check out the questions you should ask an integrator when selecting the right company for your project

Are you planning an audio-video project for your home or business? Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, you need to know how to choose the right installation company for your space. You need an company that has a history of executing complex AV projects that involve integrating solutions and employs experienced specialists with AV expertise for a wide variety of technologies. How can you evaluate the qualifications of such a company?

Keep reading to learn the questions you should ask to find the right audiovisual consultant for your project in Los Angeles, CA.


Do you offer a customized plan?

A good AV company knows that AV isn’t a one-size fits all solution. An integrator that only offers one option probably does not have your best interests in mind. You should be given options when choosing the right AV products since these purchases are significant investments. They will work you through the pros and cons of every option, then make recommendations based on your budget and the unique needs of your space. Your project should be customized based on the goals of your business and pain points after a thorough initial consultation. We work with major partners in smart AV technology to bring you the best possible solution.

What other projects have you done?

The best way to evaluate the quality of a company’s work is to look at past examples of projects they have completed. If they only show you pictures of luxury homes, they might not be a good fit for your large commercial project. Make sure they have experience handling the type of project you are executing and that those completed projects are had successful outcomes. A good audiovisual company will have both depth and breadth and a strong record of achievement in a wide range of projects.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Technology is continuously evolving, and to stay on the top of your game, your audiovisual system will need regular maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Having the latest software isn’t just convenient; it is also a security issue. Manufacturers regularly release updates to patch security vulnerabilities, so an out-of-date system will leave you at risk. A good audiovisual consultant will never disappear after the installation is complete. Reliable service providers will work with you to eliminate any system issues and train your employees on how to use it. They will also perform regular preventative maintenance to ensure your system is always performing optimally.

Need help with an AV installation in California? Matrix Audio Visual Designs is your local audiovisual consultant in the Los Angeles, CA, area. Our team of seasoned professionals will help your business streamline everyday operations with innovative technology solutions. From digital signage options to conference room audio video systems, we can update the technology in your commercial space. Contact us today by filling out this online form or dropping a message on the chat box below.

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