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How's the Lighting at the Office?

A Conference room and hallway featuring several types of ceiling lights.


Following several years of uncertainty, companies across Los Angeles, CA, are slowly but surely returning to the office. Unsurprisingly, after months of remote and hybrid work, productivity may be lacking in some departments. A few of your employees may be reluctant to even leave their home offices! New, unexpected challenges arise every day. At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we can help you and your business keep up with these changing and challenging times! 

Read on to find out how commercial lighting solutions lead to higher productivity at work, greater employee satisfaction, and even better overall wellness! 

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Boosting productivity is one of the most urgent challenges for any company, especially now that the world has shifted towards hybrid work. As a business owner, finding the right solution to keep your employees engaged and productive isn’t always easy. At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we carry the technology systems to make it happen, and smart lighting is the perfect case in point. 

Imagine a group of workers is tasked with completing an urgent project by tomorrow, and ask yourself, what can you do to optimize their productivity? Tunable white LED lights are part of the answer! Tunable lights have a direct, measurable impact on productivity and are designed to recreate sunlight’s hues and color temperatures. We set the lights in a conference room to a cool white temperature during the day, increasing heart rate, focus, and cognitive function. For nights, the color temperature can change to a warm, golden hue, helping tired employees de-stress and power through the last of their workload! 

To simplify lighting control, you can utilize a lighting control system to automate office lights on a schedule, programming them to reflect exterior sunlight conditions and integrating them with motorized shades and smart thermostats for a highly efficient climate control system. 


Would you agree that a happy worker is a more efficient worker? As a bonus, tunable lights also contribute towards better overall wellness, which in turn contributes to productivity. For instance, on-site employees would benefit from setting the lights to a warm temperature in rest and lounge areas, leading to faster recovery times during breaks. These same warm lights can help employees relax at the end of the day, helping their bodies maintain a natural rhythm. There is also the benefit of an easy-to-use, remotely managed lighting control system, which allows you to control the entire office with just a screen tap!

A more engaged, productive, and efficient workforce is just a phone call away. Contact us today, and let’s bring the future of lighting and automation to your office, making your employees better, smarter, and healthier than ever!

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