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Getting the Most from Your Commercial Video Distribution System

Photo of conference room with a television on the wall and AV hookups.

Explore Every Avenue Regarding Video Distribution and What It Can Do for Your Business

As the world of commercial video distribution continues to evolve and create better workplace communication, it's essential for Los Angeles, CA, business owners to embrace new capabilities. While most companies have some form of video distribution, it's less common for them to reap all the incredible benefits of such systems.

When you work with Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we'll ensure you utilize it to its fullest extent. Keep reading to learn more about what an updated or brand-new video system can do for your business!

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Bring Your Office into the Future 

Modern offices should be able to convey information to their staff at all times. A video distribution system will help you do this effectively, along with a few other benefits you may not know yet. 

Video distribution improves your office in more ways than simply enhancing communication while allowing you to deliver content to every connected device in your building. Here's what to expect when you fully take advantage of video distribution. 

Effective Media Source Distribution

We’ve been known to inform our clients that they can focus on audio-video solutions over internet protocol (IP). Using AV methods with multi-layered technology to distribute important media-based resources ensures that your staff will have what they need. 

When you employ multi-layered technology, all the content you send out routes through one wire, creating an efficient and flexible delivery platform. Audio can be routed independently of video, so you know the right content is always headed to the right place. 

In turn, you'll have a "smarter" office. Sending out video content regardless of distance means quickly sharing news, announcements, and other important information. It's an ideal way to get everyone on the same figurative page. 

Accommodating Scalable Systems

The needs of your projects are forever changing, and it's essential to have a scalable video system that can accommodate those needs. Video distribution lets your staff see updates regarding all current projects, encouraging candid yet fluid and secure wireless collaboration for a digitally advanced workplace.

Our systems are easy to manage and deploy. We can effortlessly install receivers in lounges, breakrooms, huddle rooms, and conference rooms, so you always have a productive place to hold meetings. 

You can share more than just project updates. Use video distribution to boost employee morale, motivate them, and celebrate by displaying group outings, birthdays, and events. 

Complete Display Control 

High-speed ethernet cables ensure complete control over your displays and 4K video functions. With heightened authority, you can openly share your goals, milestones achieved, and motivating sentiments. 

Video distribution means sharing metrics immediately, keeping everyone on the same page. Not only can they simultaneously celebrate successes, but they also see where they can tweak their own performances to help below-average KPIs.

Success with Your Video System

Using a commercial video distribution system is so much more than creating a display and bolstering communication. When used correctly, you can advance your company in ways that extend to key performance indicators and employee morale. 


Are you ready to discover what a professional video distribution system can do for your business? Get in touch with Matrix Audio Visual Designs today!

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