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Distribute Video at the Office or Around the World

A conference room featuring a TV, tablet, and computer sharing video content. 

Connect Your Local & Global Workforce Through a Commercial Video Distribution System

The world has changed dramatically over the past several years, going through an irreversible transition towards remote and hybrid work. A future that seemed far away not long ago is already upon us. Today, there is a new global, streamlined workforce that could save your business time and money, but new challenges have emerged as well. For instance, with clients and employees spread across the world, what is the best way for everyone to stay connected and work as a whole? 

Commercial video distribution systems are part of the answer, and if you are in Los Angeles, CA, Matrix Audio Visual Designs can help. Read on to find out why you should hire a technology integrator to design and install your next video distribution system for your company. 

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Keep It All Under One Roof

With remote and hybrid employees being part of the new normal, centralized control has become essential for coordinating and optimizing business operations. Is your sales team abroad? No problem! They can be at every important meeting, stream video content without fear of being disconnected, and connect directly through their smartphone with the rest of the team. Are customer service reps working from home? Keep them up to date on the latest training materials by sharing content through an easy-to-use app or interface. Are you still meeting clients and closing sales at the office? Wow prospective customers with an interactive AV system that simplifies the process of sharing your vision with the world. 

Clutter? What Clutter?

With a new, centralized AV system in place, you can forget about ever again tripping on the eyesore that are loose cables. After all, most modern smart devices are built for wireless connectivity, allowing for seamless content sharing to conference room TVs, smart tablets and interfaces across the office, and screens elsewhere around the world. A central router and structured cabling system will take care of connectivity at the office, feeding content to and from shared servers accessible to anyone with authorization. 

A Modernized Workforce 

Whether it is quickly training new staff or interacting with clients and employees in real time, distributed audio and video give you the tools for modernizing your workplace to match a new, evolving business environment. And there is a lot more that smart technologies can do for you and your business. We could, for instance, install tunable LED lights to go along with your new AV system. Engineered to optimize the body’s circadian rhythms, these lights will increase focus and productivity for on-site employees. 

Contact us today, and let’s propel your business into the future with a new, integrated, and automated video distribution system! 

How's the Lighting at the Office?


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