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3 Must-Have Technologies To Elevate Your Work Environment

A hybrid meeting is taking place with the Crestron Flex Digital Workplace platform. Five people are in the office, and three more are joining through video call.

Learn all about Crestron’s high-tech solutions to enhance your team’s experience at your workplace

Are you looking to create a better environment for your employees to participate, share ideas and work together? Then, let us integrate the technology that will make it all possible! At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we have years of experience enhancing businesses' workplaces with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Through our partnership with Crestron, we are ready to provide you with a wide range of innovative options to encourage efficiency and productivity among your team. Keep reading our blog to learn more about how you can improve your workplace in Anaheim, CA, with Crestron meeting room tech solutions.

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Hold More Productive Meetings with Crestron Flex Video Conferencing

Having a hybrid workplace offers many advantages both for you and your employees. Still, these perks also come with challenges that can seriously deter your productivity and team spirit if you don’t tackle them directly. These challenges can easily keep you from having successful, worthwhile meetings.

Crestron Flex Video Conferencing sparks collaboration from your team because it allows you to create an equitable, engaging and inclusive experience for everyone. Through high-fidelity audio and intelligent video, you can ensure a productive meeting where everyone has the opportunity to speak their minds, whether they are on-site or working remotely. In addition, we can integrate a smart building system so you have full control of your in-building ambiance. Adjust lighting, shades and temperature with just the touch of a button!

Turn Every Space Into a Conferencing Space with AirMedia

AirMedia is a wireless presentation and conferencing system that allows you to transform any working space into a top-level conferencing room. As a result, you can easily present, share and host meetings from any device!

With Crestron’s wireless receivers and presentation adaptors, you can say goodbye to troubling cables that are difficult to manage. This technology allows everyone in your organization to effortlessly connect and share presentations, HR notifications, and more.

Maximize Your Workflow with Crestron Flex Scheduling

When half of your team is working on-site, and the other half is working remotely, scheduling meetings can be challenging. Crestron Flex Scheduling is a technology where you can easily book the right space with the right technology to hold your meeting. You can quickly identify which room has the specifications you need and determine the availability through the platform. Then, effortlessly book from your desk, personal device or scheduling panels and voilà, your space will be reserved for when you need it!

At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we are committed to providing you with the best tech solutions to elevate your business. Are you ready to incorporate cutting-edge technology into your commercial spaces? Contact us today to learn more!

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