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Exploring the Latest Conference Room Solutions for Businesses

Image is of a conference room table with a gray and white nature image on the screen mounted on the back wall.

Discover key trends and innovations in today’s conference room technology!

As companies embrace new work models, such as remote versus hybrid working arrangements, today’s conference rooms are now hubs of innovation and decision-making. With this comes the need for advanced conference room solutions that cater to modern businesses and their employees. 

At Matrix Audio Visual Design, we install the latest conference room technology and solutions tailored specifically for commercial office settings. No matter the size of your Los Angeles company, we can provide a solution that helps streamline your communication and workplace collaboration!

How's the Lighting at the Office?

A Conference room and hallway featuring several types of ceiling lights.


Following several years of uncertainty, companies across Los Angeles, CA, are slowly but surely returning to the office. Unsurprisingly, after months of remote and hybrid work, productivity may be lacking in some departments. A few of your employees may be reluctant to even leave their home offices! New, unexpected challenges arise every day. At Matrix Audio Visual Designs, we can help you and your business keep up with these changing and challenging times! 

Read on to find out how commercial lighting solutions lead to higher productivity at work, greater employee satisfaction, and even better overall wellness! 

Distribute Video at the Office or Around the World

A conference room featuring a TV, tablet, and computer sharing video content. 

Connect Your Local & Global Workforce Through a Commercial Video Distribution System

The world has changed dramatically over the past several years, going through an irreversible transition towards remote and hybrid work. A future that seemed far away not long ago is already upon us. Today, there is a new global, streamlined workforce that could save your business time and money, but new challenges have emerged as well. For instance, with clients and employees spread across the world, what is the best way for everyone to stay connected and work as a whole? 

Commercial video distribution systems are part of the answer, and if you are in Los Angeles, CA, Matrix Audio Visual Designs can help. Read on to find out why you should hire a technology integrator to design and install your next video distribution system for your company. 


Office employees attending a meeting.


Many offices incorporate technology into their space to streamline tasks. However, these offices usually stop after giving employees computers and installing a TV in the conference room. This technology is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to commercial AV solutions. By working with an AV integrator, like Matrix Audio Visual Designs, you can enhance your Burbank, CA, office with cutting-edge technologies to improve employee efficiency and overall business growth. Check out these three solutions and see how they benefit your office!


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