Residential Systems

We at Matrix AV believe when luxury becomes necessity a great integrated home has a chance to be born. Luxury of hand crafted furniture, limitless lighting configurations, precious art, whole house programmability, hand painted murals, and a one-button-push "Welcome Home" entertainment extravaganza initiating music, video, drapes, HVAC, security, lighting, and even the fireplace. You will enjoy the luxury of fully integrated audio visual control system complete with wireless touch panels throughout your estate ensuring no matter where you are, you are in control. Call us for a free consultation and let your dream home become reality.

Residential Audio

Whether for entertainment, relaxation, or critical listening, music has always played an integral part in our lives. You may enjoy listening to seamlessly smooth audio throughout your estate provided by custom finished flush mount speakers. You may wish to have separate zones of audio for different family members, different events or just different volume levels. Your pinnacle musical experience may be listening to your favorite vinyl press of Stravinsky in your audiophile listening room. Or you may wish to incorporate all of the above and more.

Residential Video

Visual media is increasingly important in our daily lives. News from network, cable, and internet stations have all become essential. Allowing any video source, recorded or streaming, on any number of displays is achievable. We find elegant solutions for installing ultra-flat panel displays into walls, doors, cabinets, and virtually anywhere else. Let our team of designers and engineers create the multimedia environment which suits you best.

Residential Lighting

Lighting is one of the most powerful tools to create an inviting, elegant atmosphere. We work closely with lighting designers, interior designers, and most importantly you, the owner to achieve the perfect balance of color, intensity, style, and integration. Program lighting to follow a schedule for security, functionality, alarm clocks and environmental consciousness. No matter how generalized or detailed your thoughts, our skilled engineers will implement the lighting system to best complement your estate.

Residential Control Interfaces

The most comprehensive home-wide audio / video integration becomes worthless if the controls are not as seamless and flowing as the audio playing from the speakers; a delicate balance is achieved when the programmer provides all the clients’ desires in an interface that does not need any training. Intuitive, simple to operate, elegant, and exciting are qualities that we incorporate into all our touch panel designs. Our programming engineers have spent decades researching, programming and training how to create user interfaces that are as elegant as the space in which they reside and as simple to operate as holding them in your hand.