Supporting personnel in the field starts with robust infrastructure and communications support through all avenues of intelligence flow. This infrastructure must also allow intelligence to be accessed and transmitted effortlessly.

Crisis requires vital data, critical information and intelligence to be communicated over multiple lines; instant, accurate and complete. Using the latest communication technologies allows all key personnel to be informed with the intelligence they need when they need it.


To compete in today's technology dominant battlefield your command and control center must be outfitted with the latest technological artillery. Stay informed and in control by making the correct decision using complete, accurate, relevant intelligence. Matrix AV is qualified with experience and knowledge to provide you with the technology you require to remain in control.

Briefing and Debriefing Rooms

Relay important situational data clearly and effectively with the aid of advanced communications technologies. Conduct clear and expedient briefings / debriefings. Less time in the briefing/debriefing room allows your personnel to accomplish what they are trained to do.

Training Rooms

Using advanced communication technologies implemented in intuitive integrated systems, creates a strong, solid military. Give your trainees the knowledge they need; communicated in less time. From the training rooms create a lean, powerful, military machine; well informed with practical, strategic knowledge.

Conference Rooms

Help your personnel present their ideas more effectively and efficiently. A conference room equipped with the latest in communication technology allows increased productivity, dynamic discussions and solid results. Matrix AV will discover your requirements, assess your needs, and implement the necessary tools allowing your personnel to reach expedient, decisive conclusions.