Matrix Audio Visual Designs creates environments that promote fellowship, teaching, family, spiritual awareness, and the universal underlying spiritual connection of us all.


The modern trend of media rich church services requires sophisticated infrastructure. While these modern services are effective in inviting participation the need for clear, reliable and effective reproduction of the spoken word still remains. Small, large and anywhere in between, Matrix AV will work with you to find elegant solutions to your audio, video, and control needs, more easily facilitating the spiritual experience for the congregation.

Fellowship Rooms

As your congregation's spiritual community grows, your fellowship room becomes where the teachings and lessons are practiced. Your fellowship room becomes a multipurpose room requiring the flexibility for multi-venue configurations. We will work with you to create a fellowship hall, equipped with the resources you require to meet the needs of each type of use creating an atmosphere promoting a greater level of community and family.


Matrix AV will work with you to create an atmosphere enabling your sacred lessons and teachings to be appropriated with a deeper level of understanding. A properly designed teaching environment with a technological integrated solution facilitates effortless communication. This natural teaching environment creates a warm, familiar setting, in turn, promoting community and family.

Overflow Area

When your services and productions require more seating than available an appropriate overflow area is required. This area needs to be equipped to allow the audience in the overflow areas feel as participants in the services and productions. A poorly designed system will make the audience feel separated from the group, distracted and unattached from the teachings. We will work with you, discovering your needs when overflow systems are required, creating a space and atmosphere connected to the event in the sanctuary.