Matrix Audio Visual Designs - Helping the public sector provide for people, establish policies, promote fiscal responsibility, create community, and serve the public interest through well-designed, effective audio visual integrated solutions.

Conference Rooms

Discussing and solving public issues requires clear, effective communication. Different styles of lectures and presentations require different technologies. Matrix AV will help you create discussion/conference rooms capable of facilitating your most effective communication.

Council Chambers

Matrix AV will create a setting for the effective communication of current issues, policies and ideas; allowing more time to enable policy makers do what they need? To make policies and resolve social issues. We will discover your needs for streamlined council meetings and design your system around your particular needs.


The design of your command and control center will affect the flow of information, timeliness of that information, in turn, determining response times for action. Matrix AV will work with you to implement a completely integrated audio visual system providing clear, effective communication. Your system will be engineered and installed to your specific data, video, and interactive requirements. Matrix AV will be with you 100% to provide you the latest communication technologies.


Creating a technologically rich emergency operations center allows faster resolution of time critical issues during periods of crisis. Matrix AV will work with you to determine the technology and integration you need for a robust, 24/7 command facility. Advanced communication technologies allow for real time data feedback and processing of crisis situations ultimately improving incident response time and providing the facts needed for the best possible action.

Training Rooms

Education in the workplace has become important in every field. For a training environment to be effective the flow of information must be uninhibited. A properly designed audio video system with an intuitive user interface is one of the best ways of achieving the free flow of information to make a training experience effective. At Matrix AV we will design training facilities where audio, video combined with control can maximize the effectiveness of the training session.

Government Green

Installing environmentally responsible integrated solutions reduces waste, spending and prolongs the life of the installed equipment. Additionally, being environmentally responsible shows the public and your constituents you are a leading example of how government should conduct their programs.