Matrix Audio Visual Designs - Promoting collaboration, effective communication, meaningful education, and wholistic learning through the integration of media, curriculum, and technology throughout your school.


By bringing technology and media into the classroom teachers are enabled to more wholistically and effectively communicate to their students. Providing user friendly, easy to operate technology gives teachers more avenues and flexibility to communicate their lessons. This flexibility gives teachers different approaches to instill knowledge in their students. We will work with your IT, facilities department, administrators and teachers to discover the best solution for your school's curriculum and technological goals.


School auditoriums have developed into true multi-use rooms. Used as cafeterias, assembly rooms, concert halls, production theaters, and conference rooms, your auditorium needs to be robust, flexible, reliable and most importantly, effortless to operate. Your auditorium may contain all the most technologically advanced and highest quality components, but, if too difficult to use, becomes just another room. Matrix AV will discover how your school uses the auditorium and create for you a powerful, dynamic, stable integrated system controlled via an interface simple enough to be operated by anyone.

P.A. / Paging

Whether your school administrators need to page students, communicate announcements, or conduct emergency preparedness drills, your P.A. / paging system needs to reach every ear and have 24/7 reliability. We will design and install the P.A. / paging system your school needs, meeting the requirements of today and providing the infrastructure for tomorrow.

Performing Arts Centers

Make the arts alive with an intuitive, inviting performing arts center. From small 99 seat black box theaters to 3000+ seat concert halls, Matrix AV will work with you to find what is best for your school, your productions and most importantly, your students. Bring the enjoyment and excitement of live musical, theater, and stage productions to your school. Give your students the opportunity of hands-on experience in theater productions.

Teachers' Conference Rooms

Enable your teachers and administrators to conduct effective, efficient meetings through the integration of modern communication technologies. Integrated technologies allow ideas to be presented clearly and concisely, enabling a more captured audience and creating dynamic discussions on the topics at hand. We will work with you and your staff to create an effective, intuitive technologically integrated system; reducing needed conference time, preparation time and effort to keep all informed.

Green Technologies

Reducing and eliminating material and resource waste is one of the simplest activities educational institutions can implement. A facility wide control and monitoring system will save the school money, reduce resource consumption and most importantly provide an example to the students of responsibility and action in their life.

There is no institution, corporation, or group entity that should be working towards the integration of green technologies than the education system. Waste and fruitless consumption has too long been a hallmark of today's educational system. Our schools should be the pinnacle for a responsible society, however, many educational facilities are not conducive, if not a direct hindrance, to the idea of learning and education. One simple area of improvement and change is the integration of advanced technology in the classroom. Most facilities can not alter the structure or layout of the school, but all can integrate solutions for the betterment of their existing facilities.