We are here to implement the technology of tomorrow to help your business grow today.

Promoting increased sales, productivity, efficiency, communication and product awareness through audio/visual integrated solutions. Being conscious of the sustainable future through the actions we take today.

Let us help you with simple yet innovative ways of having control technologies of today help reduce your carbon footprint.

Conference Rooms

No longer found is the meeting populated with associates and clients sitting around a table individually reading printed copies of a presentation. Today's conferences utilize multiple media formats, interactive technologies and the latest in digital communication to stay informed and connected. We will work with you, discovering your unique requirements and provide a solution with the functionality you need.

Training Rooms

Discover new areas of communication technology to enhance your training sessions. Incorporate all methods of learning, reducing needed training time while increasing effectiveness. Matrix AV will work with your company to integrate a final product which meets your particular requirements and facilitates your methods of training.

Board Rooms

Your boardroom is the pinnacle representation of your company's executives. In many ways the executive boardroom symbolizes the culture and attitude of your company. Above all, however, is the requirement of your boardroom to be functional for You. All of the elegant furniture and meticulous design is ultimately wasted if the space is too complicated to use, lacks what you really need, or is not thoroughly designed. Matrix AV collaborates with you, discovering your needs for an elegant, welcoming space; a space effective in allowing communication and enabling productive, worthwhile meetings.

Digital Signage

Matrix AV will work with your marketing and advertising departments to coordinate maximum visibility, implementation and determine content requirements to provide the most effective advertising possible in the new digital world. Advertising is not just placing a sign in a window or an ad on a billboard, but rather a dynamic, media rich entity with many technical factors to take into consideration. We will discover your needs and design a robust 24/7 media rich system that will best reach your targeted advertising channel.

Corporate Broadcast

Matrix AV will work with your IT and Media personnel to implement a solution that will reduce time spent organizing, scheduling and hosting events and trainings. Integrating a media-rich broadcasting system within your company will allow faster, more concise, communication. Trainings, departmental conferences, or company-wide meetings may be broadcast using various topographies and formats.