We love what we do and are passionate about what we provide. Our choice of product is based on how well it will perform in the application you require. We work with manufacturers as committed to their products as we are to ours. When available we use local and U.S. manufactured products. We also take into consideration the environmental impact of those products such as the manufacturing process, consumption of resources while in use and the impacts of disposal. Our experienced, dedicated staff will be with you the entire process.


Our extensive lines of audio products enable us to provide what you need for your application. Simply, we will give you what you require: quality, durable, properly integrated audio systems.


From rack mounted broadcast LCD screens to 4K projection systems and all the switching, signal conversion, routing and processing needed in between, Matrix AV can provide for all of your video requirements.


Do not overlook the importance of an integrated lighting system. Give your integrated solution the flexibility of controlled lighting with an intuitive user interface. Create different lighting scenes and save them as presets. Integrating your indoor and outdoor lighting will save you time, money and improve security.


System wide control saves energy, increases the life of your equipment, provides greater security, and allows for local and remote monitoring of almost any part of your system. Remote controls are not just for your T.V. Control all of your lighting, security, HVAC, irrigation system, pool and spa, and just about anything else. Matrix AV's dedicated programming staff provides the professional experience needed to create a complex control system with an easy to use and intuitive control interface.


Providing you the equipment and control is not the entire story of a proper integrated solution. In addition to the design, installation, testing, programming, and commissioning we will provide training and technical support for your system and all components. Our installed systems are warranted against defects in workmanship for a period of one (1) year. Read more on Matrix AV's warranty statement.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide support on your existing system as well. If you need training on your current equipment, feel like your equipment may need a checkup, or are looking for a complete renovation of your system, Matrix AV is your answer. Feel free to give us a call for a free evaluation/consultation.