City of Highland Children's Library

The goal of this installation was to create an environment for children that was both inviting and encouraging while promoting the continued self-pursuit of learning. This goal was accomplished with the help of various technological integrations including intuitive user interfaces, large screen displays, inclusive audio experience, and large format digital white boards.

Areas of Integration:

Interactive Classroom
     Smart Board
     Panasonic high output Projector
     Crestron Control System
     (2) computer connectivity
     VHS/DVD player
     Handheld Microscope

     Large format projector
     Dual computer connectivty
     VHS/DVD player
     Blu-Ray player
     DSS receiver
     5.1 surround system
     Wireless Microphnes
Meeting / Conference Room
      65" LCD screen
      Audio Tele-Conferencing System
      VHS/DVD player
      Blu-Ray Player